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    How To Maintain Soccer Jersey?

    If you are a football fan who loves football, and you are a fan who loves to play football, you must understand that the jersey on your body has been soaked and emits an unpleasant sweat after a game. This means that you still need to think about how to clean the jersey after a lively game to restore it to its original good condition.

    Dirty jersey


    This article will detail two aspects of cleaning and maintenance. The purpose is to let fans know the various ways to protect their favorite jerseys. Start now!


    Clean the jersey

    What kind of cleaning method can better protect your beloved jersey? Next, this article will introduce the methods of maintaining the jersey from all aspects.


    First of all, we need to soak the jersey in advance. This step can remove most of the stains that are simply sticking to the surface of the jersey, so that subsequent cleaning will become easier. Fans can soak the jersey in water, or rinse the jersey with running water. Both of these methods can effectively remove stains on the surface of the jersey.

    soak jersey


    After soaking in clean water, we need to prepare a plastic container, or it can be implemented in the sink at home. Washing with warm water is best. Add about 2 tablespoons of strong detergent (Tide or Persil are leading brands that contain a lot of decontamination enzymes) and 1 cup of baking soda in the warm water. After stirring evenly, soak the jersey in water for half an hour to an hour. If possible, soak it overnight. The purpose of this step is to let the detergent dissolve the stubborn stains on the jersey and let the baking soda remove the peculiar smell on the jersey.

    handwash jersey


    If you need to wash several jerseys at the same time, please pay attention to wash the white or light-colored jerseys separately from the dark jerseys to avoid dye transfer.


    In addition, you can also add some neutralizing detergents during the cleaning process according to the water quality of the area where you live.

    For example, if the water in your area is hard water, this means that the mineral content in the water will be much higher than ordinary water. Therefore, you need to add some water softener to the soaking step. This step can assist your entire washing process and allow the detergent to play its best role.


    In addition, for white jerseys, many fans will want to use chlorine bleach to clean them after soiling the jersey. However, most of the chlorine-containing bleaches on the market are not effective on polyester fabrics and can even damage the material. Therefore, we recommend that you use full fabric or oxygen bleach to brighten and whiten your jersey. In this way, the maximum cleaning effect can be achieved to a greater extent.

    maintain white jersey


    After completing all the above steps, you can gently scrub your jersey by hand washing. Compared with machine washing, we recommend you to wash your jerseys by hand washing, which can better protect your jerseys and will not cause harm to the jerseys.


    Maintain the jersey

    Maintenance of jerseys is divided into drying jerseys and subsequent jersey handling and placement. Now we just started talking about drying the jersey.


    After washing your jersey and wringing it out, you can hang the jersey in a place with dry air outdoors, let the jersey dry naturally, try not to expose it to the sun, because too high temperature will cause damage to the heat-printed part of the jersey .

    dry jerseys


    If the city you live in is humid most of the time, then we recommend that you put the cleaned jerseys in an upright dryer and try to avoid putting them in a spin dryer. This is also a very good way to protect the jersey.


    After the clothes are dried, the jersey is ready for your next game. If you think your jersey looks a little crumpled, you can also use an electric iron to repair it. However, the temperature of the electric iron should not be too high, as we have mentioned before that too high temperature will cause damage to the hot pressed part. So you can use medium heat and steam ironing.



    If you will not wear this jersey again in the next week or even a month, you need to hang it in a dry and airy place. This can prevent mold from growing on the jersey due to dampness. In addition, we also recommend that the jersey be hung in the closet in a hanging manner, which can also prevent the clothes from wrinkling due to folding.

    place jerseys


    After our careful cleaning and maintenance, your jersey will look like a brand new one. Fans can put on their favorite jerseys and have an exciting game with friends. The steps for maintaining the jerseys introduced above are hoped to help you who are worried about how to clean the jerseys.

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