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    Basic Information

    Full Name: Marcus Rashford

    Date of Birth: 31 October 1997 (age 24)

    Place of Birth: Manchester, England

    Current Team: Manchester United

    Position: Forward

    Number: 10

    Height: 5 ft 11 in (180 m)

    His Parents: Marcus was born on October 31, 1997, and was raised by his mother, Mel Rashford.

    About Marcus Rashford

    Marcus Rashford is an English professional footballer. Marcus started playing football when he was 5 years old and is a "prodigy" of the English Football League. He was born good at attacking opponents with powerful shots since he was a child. By the age of 7, he had already made his mark in the academy system of the famous club "Manchester United".

    Marcus was part of Euro 2016 before making his debut with Manchester United. In a warm-up match against Australia, Marcus scored the first goal in a 2-1 win and became the youngest England debutant. Not only did he become the youngest player ever to represent England at the European Championship, but he also scored his first goal against Slovakia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

    In the 2015-2016 season, he won the "Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year" award. He was part of the 'Manchester United' team, winning the FA Cup (2015-2016), the EFL Cup (2016-2016 2017), the Community Shield (2016), and the European United Cup” (2016-2017).

    Marcus Rashford