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    Play For Team
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    Basic Information

      ♦ Full Name: Sergio Ramos Garcia

      ♦ Date of Birth: 30 March 1986 (age 36)

      ♦ Place of Birth: Camas, Spain

      ♦ Height: 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

      ♦ Position: Defender

      ♦ Current Team: Paris Saint-Germain

      ♦ Number: 4

      ♦ His Parents: Sergio Ramos was born on March 30, 1986, in Camas, Seville to José Maria Ramos and Paqui Ramos. In Seville, a famous tradition is a bullfighting. Suffice it to say, there and then, every kid in town wanted to be a bullfighter, and Sergio was no exception. But soon his parents persuaded him to give up bullfighting because it was a dangerous sport. His brother introduced him to football, and Sergio soon became addicted.

      ♦ His Wife & Kids: Sergio Ramos met a famous model, TV journalist, and presenter Pilar Rubio in 2012 and officially established their relationship in September of that year. It was also in that year that the couple got married. They have two sons, Sergio and Marco.  

    The Story of Sergio Ramos

    Sergio's decision to choose football made his parents happy and did their best to find a personal trainer to support him. As a child, Sergio joined a football club called "FC Camas" and it was a great learning experience for him. The club is where his talent really shines, where he has won a number of 'Best Man' awards and has also garnered some media attention. At the age of 14, he was acquired by the local club "Sevilla FC" and finally, through his efforts, he was included in the main team in 2004.

    Sergio Ramos is the captain of the Spanish national football team and a former captain of the Spanish club "Real Madrid". Without a doubt, he is one of the strongest defenders in football today, although he also plays right-back at times. In 2005, because of his outstanding performance, he was acquired by "Real Madrid". His performance peaked from 2009. Since he is a defender, his goalscoring numbers are not too high, but due to his defensive skills, he became one of the four captains of "Real Madrid" in the 2009-2010 season. In July 2011, his contract was extended to 2017, and in 2015 to 2020. In 2021, he joined Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer.


    Jerseys Recommendation

    SERGIO RAMOS #4 PSG Home Jersey 2021/22 By Jordan

    This PSG 21-22 home jersey should be familiar to everyone. It was the first PSG home jersey to be "made by Jordan, not Nike" (the Jordan brand is owned by Nike). Until then, only Paris Saint-Germain's third jersey will feature the Jordan logo. The white, red and white stripes on the Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 21-22 home shirt are still prominent, both on the collar, simple crew neck and cuffs.

    This "SERGIO RAMOS #4 PSG Home Jersey" printed with Sergio Ramos' name and number is a jersey with its own characteristics. If you are a big fan of him, you must not miss this jersey, this jersey is sure to make you stand out on the pitch.

    PSG Home Jersey SERGIO RAMOS.jpg