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    Basic Information

      ♠ Full Name:Joshua Walter Kimmich

      ♠ Date of Birth: 8 February 1995( age 27)

      ♠ Place of Birth: Rottweil, Germany

      ♠ Height: 1.77 m(5 ft 10 in)

      ♠ Positions: Midfielder, right-back

      ♠ Current Team: Bayern Munich

      ♠ His Parents: The talented German footballer was born into a humble family in Rottweil, Germany. Joshua Kimmich's father Berthold played German amateur football. Berthold currently lives in Bösingen near Rottweil in southwestern Germany with his wife Anja (Kimmich's mother). His mother, Anja Kimmich, is also very fond of football and has always inspired her son to love football very much.

      ♠ His Wife & Kids: Kimmich's wife is named Lina Meyer, and his relationship with Lina Meyer has been critical in building a happy life. Lena was born in Bad Bevensen, a small town in the Uelzen district of Lower Saxony, Germany. Kimmich met his beautiful girlfriend Lina Meyer while playing for RB Leipzig. Kimmich has two children, a son born in 2019 and a daughter born in October 2020. Lena was born in the town of Bad Bevensen in the Ulzen region of Lower Saxony, Germany.

    Awards & Achievement


    Story of Joshua Kimmich

    As a child, Joshua Kimmich and his friends would play football in the park, and it can be said that football started a new chapter in his life. From then on, he wanted to be a football player.

    Joshua Walter Kimmich has played for Bayern Munich and the German national team in the Bundesliga as a defensive midfielder or right back. He is known for his style of play as well as his aggressiveness and offensive ability. He started playing football in 2006 at the VfB Bosingen youth club and joined VfB Bosingen in 2006. In 2007 he joined the VfB Stuttgart youth team and played until 2013.

    He then joined RB Leipzig on 5 July 2013. On September 28, 2013, he made his La Liga debut. On January 2, 2015, Joshua Walter Kimmich signed a five-year contract with Bayern Munich until June 2020. He signed a new contract with Bayern on August 23, 2021, and will play at Bayern until 2025.

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