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    Basic Information

      ♣ Full Name: Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes

      ♣ Date of Birth: 8 September 1994 (age 27)

      ♣ Place of Birth: Maia, Portugal

      ♣ Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

      ♣ Position: Attacking midfielder

      ♣ Current Team:Manchester United

      ♣ His Parents: Fernandez's father is a former football player. Also because of his father, Bruno wore the No. 8 jersey in tribute to his father who wore the same number. Coincidentally, the number 8 also symbolizes Fernandez's birthday, as he was born on September 8. Fernandez's mother is a football-loving mother.

      ♣ His Wife: Fernandez's wife is Ana Pinho. The two met and started dating when Ana was still in school in Portugal. On December 23, 2015, they got married. They currently have a beautiful daughter Mathilde (born 31 January 2017). And, they may soon have a son.

    The Story of Bruno Fernandes

    The Portuguese white man of European descent came from a middle-class family and grew up with his older brother Ricardo. He is a rare kid who has always wanted to be a footballer. To that end, the football prodigy is not afraid of anything that might get in the way of him and his dreams.

    Fernandes sacrificed a lot for football, including academics, dropping out before he finished Year 11. But unlike most dropout cases, Fernandes is neither numerically nor verbally weak. He just simply wants to work hard for football.

    At Boavista FC, Bruno Fernandes has continued to improve and hone the characteristics of his current style of play. Following his efforts, Bruno Fernandes moved to Novara Calcio, where he was promoted to the club's second-tier first team after only a few weeks in the youth team.

    However, at the age of 17, he found it difficult to communicate with his teammates and coaches in Italian. So homesickness became stronger and stronger, and he almost wanted to give up his dream of becoming a professional football player. Fortunately, thanks to his friends and family who have been encouraging him to support him, he has since found his footing on Italian soil.

    After that, Fernandes signed with Udinese Calcio and made his Serie A debut on 3 November 2013. After three years at that club, he was loaned to the University of California. At Sampdoria, he became a rookie sought after by many teams within a year with his excellent performance.

    Named Portuguese League Player of the Year in July 2018.

    Bruno Fernandes

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