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What are good soccer jerseys?

Owning a soccer jersey is a necessity for any soccer fan. When you decide to buy one, you need to know the material and cutting shape of the jersey you like. Also you will want to choose one that is the correct size and one that you love the look of. With all these conditions, the jersey can be certificated as a good soccer jersey. From this blog we will share you what exactly are good soccer jerseys.

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  • Good material

A good material has a huge impact on a jersey. The performance of the players on the field will also be affected by the jersey. Therefore, all the brands that cooperate with the official jerseys will do a lot of research on the jersey materials, and strive to find the most suitable material for the production of jerseys.


Take Argentina soccer jersey 2022 for example, it’s made by Adidas, who is the manufacturer of most of the jerseys.


The Adidas jersey fabric is 100% renewable material, equipped with Adidas innovative HEAT.RDY heat protection technology, promotes perspiration and air circulation, creates a dry and comfortable body feeling, and helps players cool and confident to play. The fan version of the jersey uses AEROREADY technology to create a dry body feeling by absorbing sweat, and accompany fans to prepare.

Argentina home jersey 2022

Argentina home shirt 2022

With these excellent conditions above, I think it’s easy to understand why most of the team's jerseys choose to cooperate with Adidas. Using such a comfortable fabric as the material of the jersey, the players on the court will naturally have excellent performance.


Except for comfortable material,fabrics made of environmentally friendly materials are also pursued by everyone today.


Take Barcelona soccer jersey 22/23 for example, it’s made by Nike, who is also the manufacturer of most of the jerseys.


Produced sustainably, the Nike jerseys are made from 100% recycled polyester fabric for both the Players Edition and the Fan Edition, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned and melted to create high-quality yarn as part of Nike's "Move To Zero" commitment to sustainability.

Barcelona home jersey 22/23

Barcelona home kit 22/23

Advocating the protection of the environment and taking environmental protection as the premise is the trend of today's life development. Nike uses recycled plastic bottles to create unique and environmentally conscious jersey materials. It has also been chosen as the brand of jerseys by many teams or clubs.

  • Good cutting shape

The tailoring of the jersey will also have a great impact on the choice of guests.


Take the player version of the jersey as an example. The fine tailoring of the jersey will make the players on the football field show a different mental outlook. The cut at the shoulders and waist allows the player in the jersey to show the perfect figure.

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In addition, the perfect jersey cutting can make the jersey better protect, better protect the stars on the court, and reduce the damage that will occur during the game.

  • Good size

A good size should fit most people. Each part of the jersey is sized to complement each other, just like a pair of comfortable shoes, each part of the shoe should be designed to be a comfortable size to wear.


The size of our jersey is strictly according to the size of the official version of the jersey, so as to avoid customers being disappointed with our products because of the wrong size. With the perfect jersey size, you can see that the jersey is giving great results as soon as it is put on.

Size chart of normal soccer jersey

  • Good design

Good design also affects how fans perceive the jersey. Some fans are not exactly supporters of this team, but will like this jersey because of its unique design and make a purchase.


Take Venezia FC Home Jersey 2021/22 as example. Venezia FC is not known for great results and there are no famous stars in the club. But their jersey for season 21/22 was in the top 10 of last season on our site.

Venezia 21/22 home jersey from ijersey


Many football fans choose to buy this jersey because of its design. The simple yet elegant black, coupled with the ink-splashed version on the jersey, is not only suitable for wearing when playing football, but it will not feel exaggerated even in daily life.


The four aspects introduced today are all the conditions that a good jersey should have. These good jerseys are sold in the ijersey store, where you can find many clubs' soccer jerseys for season 22/23 and 2022 World Cup jerseys. Combined with the real pictures in the product link, I think you can choose your favorite football equipment.

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