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    How have World Cup-winning teams performed in the Copa America?

    Brazil national football team

    Brazil, having won the World Cup in 2002, was the last South American team to join a Copa America. Their triumph in the 2004 tournament held in Peru showcased their continued dominance in the region.

    The upcoming Copa America 2024 presents a rare occurrence not seen in over two decades: the reigning world champions, Argentina, will participate following their 2022 victory.

    Entering the Copa America 2004 as reigning world champions, Brazil aimed to break a significant streak: despite winning four World Cups (1958, 1962, 1970, and 1994), they had never clinched the continental title post their FIFA coronation. Their journey in previous Copa America editions saw them finishing as runners-up in 1959 (to Argentina), fourth in 1963 (Bolivia being the champion), reaching the semifinals in 1975 (Peru being the champion), and losing the final to Uruguay in 1995 on penalties.

    In the 2004 Copa America held in Peru, Brazil encountered Argentina in the final, staging a dramatic comeback to draw 2-2 and eventually securing victory through penalties.

    Uruguay national football team

    Uruguay is another team that performed well post their World Cup triumph. They won the Copa America in 1930 by defeating Argentina in the final and repeated this feat in the subsequent Copa America in 1935, once again defeating Argentina.

    Despite becoming world champions again in 1950 (in the memorable Maracanazo), Uruguay couldn't replicate their success in the 1953 Copa America. Paraguay claimed the title, leaving Uruguay with the bronze medal.

    Argentina national football team

    Argentina, the third South American team to win the FIFA World Cup, clinched their first title in 1978. However, their fortunes in the subsequent Copa America were disappointing, as they were eliminated in the group stage the following year.

    In 1986, led by Diego Maradona, Argentina secured their second World Cup title. However, their luck didn't extend to the 1987 Copa America, where they finished fourth.

    Lionel Messi achieved a glorious victory in Qatar 2022. In the upcoming Copa America 2024, to be held in the United States, Argentina will seek to win the tournament for the first time as reigning world champions, a feat achieved only once each by Brazil and Uruguay.

    Additionally, under Lionel Scaloni's leadership, Argentina could secure back-to-back victories in the tournament, having been champions in the last edition held in 2021. The last team to achieve this feat? Chile, who emerged victorious in 2015 and 2016.